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“White Corn Maiden” Kachina


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His carvings have won many prizes, and are always superbly graceful and elegant, as well as authentic.

There are White, Yellow, and Blue Corn Maidens, in Hopi lore, all involved in facilitating, the growth, harvest, purity, and enjoyment of corn – the staff of life.

Like most of his work, this lovely kachina is a contemporary rendition, carved with great delicacy, grace and precision.

The simplicity of her stance, with head raised, and gracefully gathered blanket, is almost Asian in feel.

Her hand is carefully detailed, holding an exquisitely carved, realistic sprig of evergreens.

Her long hair is beautiful; carved and fading into a handsome, painted shape at the back. A fully carved eagle feather adorns her hair, on top.

Her beard , and the white ropes dangling from her chin, represent rainfall, crucial to the growth of corn, without irrigation.

Moccasins peep out beneath the sweeping drape of the robe, where her form is suggested, as if inside the tightly wrapped blanket.

There is a wide band of green and black stripes, across her shoulders, with a fragile double line in white.

A broad band of “embroidered cloth” finishes her robe, with stepped,  and vividly colored rain symbols.

The wood is as meticulously finished as the rest of the piece.

This figure may be smaller than some, but she is just as stately and elegant as Victor’s larger pieces,

She has been carved and painted with the same, meticulous beauty.


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8 1/2" H x 2 1/4" W x 1 3/4" D


Dead Cottonwood Root, Acrylic Paint