White Corrugated Jar


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This interesting style of corrugated, monochromatic pottery is an ancient form, similar to the pottery of prehistoric Hohokam and Anasazi cultures.

Jackie Shutiva is known for this style, passed down from her grandmother to her mother, Stella Shutiva, and then to her.

Her grandmother, Jessie Garcia, of Acoma Pueblo is credited with rediscovering the corrugated style; Stella Shutiva was renowned for specializing in corrugated pieces.

Originally produced by making thumbprints in the wet clay, Jackie’s version of corrugation is made with simple, everyday spatulas, spoons, and what-have-you: Whatever works!

This shapely jar swells into a voluptuous curve, then straightens out to form the nicely proportional neck.

The size of the scalloped corrugations ranges from small, at the bottom, to large, around the hip and waist of the piece, then graduates back to small at the top of the neck.
Round circles pressed into the rim probably represent raindrops – very good luck.

Notice the amazing fact that the entire bottom of the pot is also corrugated, in a sort of pinwheel pattern, seamlessly continuing up and around the rest of the piece.

This is staggeringly expert potting skill, as well as beautiful design.

Three generations of inspiration and creativity have formed this strikingly modern piece that reaches back to prehistoric times.

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Natural Hand Made Clay


7 5/8" H x 6 5/8" Diameter