White Concave Pot

Alan E Lasiloo


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Continually searching and experimenting, the artist alludes to tradition in his work, but is creating some new traditions, as in the carbon trap technique used in this pot.

The luminous background, of traditional, white Zuni clay, is subtly mottled, which is a refinement of a firing “accident”!

Once the potter noticed the interesting result he perfected it, to create a wholly new finish.

In addition, he is interested in tweaking the traditional shapes of ollas and bowls, as seen in this “collapsed” concave piece. Much more difficult than a totally round pot!

This contemporary olla, of zen-like purity, is an example of the amazing versatility of this accomplished young artist.

He has been written up in several national magazines, and has avid collectors all over the country and abroad.

This rising star is an artist who happens to be Indian, who creates pieces that are definitely not the usual “Indian” pottery.

Traditional clay, traditionally fabricated, but with a totally 21st-century, and exquisite, look.



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