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The name Teddy Draper Jr. is synonymous with artistic excellence.  This multi-talented artist works in a variety of mediums, from lapidary arts to pastels to stunning silver work.

The son of one of the famed Code Talkers during WWII, Teddy tells stories while he works, and loves sharing his art with others.  He is also a phenomenal painter, teacher, basketball coach and a huge supporter of and advocate for Native rights.

Teddy has used his remarkable talents to create these seemingly simple and exquisitely executed earrings.

The stone in the center of each earring is a beautiful piece of natural White Buffalo.  Although it is commonly referred to as a turquoise due to its discovery in a turquoise mine, White Buffalo is not, in fact, turquoise. “The reason behind its illustrious white color is due to its formation by the same mineralization process “regular” turquoise undergoes. However, the difference between this and other turquoise is that it lacks the presence of heavy metals like copper, iron, or zinc, which add the common turquoise colors in the blue-green-yellow spectrum.”

These stones have been hand-cut by Teddy himself, and the creamy, smooth white of the stone works in perfect contrast with the brown and black matrix that swirls through the bottom.

Along the sides of the stone is a toothed bezel, hand fabricated, and the stone and bezel sit in the center of a silver background.  The sterling silver gleams in the light and is hammered to add texture and depth.

Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, these earrings are a beauty and for this price, they can’t be beat!

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Natural White Buffalo Turquoise, Sterling Silver