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White Alabaster Buffalo Head


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The artist is nationally recognized for his animal work, especially bears and buffalo.

This piece captures the massive beauty of the iconic beast, and the white alabaster suggests the legend of the White Buffalo.

Supposedly, when a white buffalo is born, it will herald the return of the bison to the prairies, and a new era of prosperity and happiness for the tribes.

This abstract version of a white buffalo has the ethereal look of a spirit animal.

The lovely translucence of the white alabaster, together with the minimalist carving of the animal, lends it an otherworldly glow.

The head is beautifully and realistically carved, including the horns, while subtle texturing suggests the shaggy fur of the beast.

Perched on a polished wood base that discreetly hints at the earth, the sweeping lines and ghostly white stone combine for a lovely, but dramatic sculpture.

Imagine how handsomely it would adorn your mantel, desk, shelf, or table!



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Natural Alabaster, Wood


11 1/2" high 6" wide x 4 3/8" deep