White Alabaster Buffalo Head


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Award-winning sculptor Victor Vigil is renowned for his animal pieces, such as this majestic buffalo head.

Amazingly, he is self-taught but has won awards from the time he started sculpting, at the age of twenty-one.

This imposing, abstract buffalo bust is carved from moon-glow white, luminous Italian alabaster, in one beautifully flowing form.

The finish is gorgeously smooth, practically begging to be caressed.

Despite the lack of naturalistic detail, the important characteristics of a buffalo are gracefully depicted: the massive, strength and power, the lumbering, lowered head and beard, and the carefully shaped horns.

It is attached to a smooth slab of light wood, whose grain is a nice contrast to the icy alabaster.

The warm, pale hue of the wood complements but doesn’t detract from, the gleaming luster of the stone.

Monolithic, yet imbued with fluid grace, this is one of this accomplished artist’s major works – a classic, that slots into contemporary art as well as Native tradition.

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Italian Alabaster, Wood


12 3/4" H x 11 3/4" L x 8 1/8" Deep