Whirling Logs and Sacred Heart Pendant


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Deeply spiritual, this unique artist expresses his faith in exquisitely wrought cross pendants that incorporate symbols of his Navajo heritage, as well.

That is the case in this striking cross, a combination of the traditional whirling logs symbol, and the Sacred Heart of Christianity.

The whirling logs symbol has often been called a swastika, which is forever maligned since its sinister co-option by the Nazis, in 1930s –’40s Germany.

Actually, the whirling logs design is linked to an age-old Navajo legend, where the gods helped a repentant prodigal son return home by fashioning a hollowed log for him to be carried away down a river.

After many adventures with malignant water creatures, he and the log are carried off in the churning river to his final destination, wiser, repentant, and endowed with healing properties.

The whirling log motif is essentially a symbol of well-being, redemption, and good fortune, for the Navajo.

Its inclusion in this piece combines sacred symbols of Navajo and Christian symbolism.

Symmetrical and harmoniously balanced, with a lacy look to some of the substantial silver, the design is an artful balance between straight lines and curves; between dramatic contrast and delicacy.

The tiny dots that ornament the silver are a Brady “signature”, and may also represent raindrops; the scalloped edges, waves of water.

Water symbols represent blessings, to these desert dwellers, and is compatible with the Christian message for mankind.

Ultimately, this cross is a handsome, unusual expression of age-old faiths, combined and created with rare artistry.

The large bail will fit over silver beads, multi-strand heishi, or other necklaces.

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Sterling Silver


3 5/8" L x 1 3/8" W