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“When the Leaves Fall”


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Eldest daughter of the famed Monty Claw, Elle has been painting for most of her eighteen years, and has won many awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Junior Division.

Now, officially an adult, she is working to establish herself as a full-time artist.

Marvelously talented, Elle can paint in an astounding variety of styles, and is encouraged by her family to explore.

One of her favorite subjects is Nature, and we are happy to have this impressionistic depiction of Autumn.

Stark against the sun-warmed sky, a shadowy tree is half-buried in an avalanche of golden leaves that have dropped.

The young artist has beautifully achieved the golden glow that permeates the air as the sun begins to set, in the late afternoon.

A flock of white doves flit and circle around the bare tree, perhaps looking for their nighttime roost, before the sun sets.

Wonderful, softly earthy hues prevail, and seem illuminated by the low-lying sun.

Carefully painted in terms of color, and the outlined branches of the leafless tree, Elle has contrasted the smooth upper areas of the painting, with the chunky texture of the pile of leaves.

A delightful painting, preserving the radiance of Autumn light. But, please, do not try to jump into that tempting pile of leaves!

We look forward to many more works by this emerging artist.

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12" W x 16" H


Acrylic Paint, Canvas