“When the Earth Was Whole”



This notable painter has an award-winning reputation going back fifty years.

He has been recognized primarily for depictions of Plains Indian subjects, since his wife is Kiowa.

In the latest works he brought in, the subject matter has reverted to his own Navajo heritage.

This fabulous painting is a turbulent, whirling composition, full of movement and depth, literally and figuratively.

From a purely painterly viewpoint, the mastery of the medium, the layered and complex application of color, is fabulous.

As if from the depths of the earth, or from the swirling mists of the cosmos, the faintly suggested shapes, and the petroglyph designs, seem to be part of the earth in formation.

Realistically detailed Yebechei dancers float up, as if emerging from the earthly chaos.

A haunting painting that celebrates the mystery of creation and the beauty and strength of Navajo heritage.

As the Navajo prayer goes, this exemplifies “Beauty all around us”.



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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


18" high x 18" wide