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Well-Fed Singing Wolf


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Now you, too, can dance with wolves – at least with this round-bellied, singing wolf, by Troy Sice.

This virtuoso of carved, naturally shed antlers demonstrates his award-winning gifts in an appealing piece.

Troy is a third-generation carver with a distinguished ancestry. His work is in museums, as well as in numerous private collections.

Everything about this wonderful carving is hand made, and made beautifully.

The natural antler has been carved into a series of plump curves; roly-poly belly and fluffy tail, most notably.

They balance each other, linked by the sweeping curves of the upraised front paws.

Broad, rounded back paws support the animal with solid heft. The claws are indicated, without being too detailed.

His head is also abstracted, but recognizably wolfish, with nose and ear tips burned brown, like the tip of the tail.

Antlers have somewhat grainy areas; the artist has used that texture, brilliantly, to emphasize the animal’s shape.

The piece has been polished to a gleaming ivory smoothness, which makes it a pleasure to hold and caress.

The dark-speckled textured areas are as smooth as is possible, and serve to accentuate the forms, and add contrast.

It has been written that “Troy Sice stands at the pinnacle of Zuni carvers, in skill, (and) imagination….”

Discerning collectors know and admire his famous dancing bears; now you can add a singing wolf!


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2" H x 7/8" W x 1 3/4" Deep


Natural Elk Antler, Pen Shell