Wedding Vase with Hearts



Teri is a member of the talented Cajero family of potters, that goes back generations.

Expertly fashioned, by hand, using all traditional methods and materials, this wedding vase adheres to age-old Pueblo tradition.

However, this little charmer illustrates that tradition in a new, personal, and very appealing way.

It was made entirely according to tradition, with hand-gathered clay, mixed, coiled, smoothed, and painted by hand; fired in the ground.

The hearts are each stone-polished, also by hand.

On the peachy-beige base clay, the artist has dabbed red clay slip, also from her Jemez environs, and added brown, micaceous clay slip to the rim of the spouts, and the handle.

The incised forms of the hearts stand out from the matte background, and gleam in contrast, red on one side, and avery subtle mauve, on the other.

Each heart is edged in brown slip, to emphasize the form.

Below each spout, the brown micaceous slip defines a stepped rain sign, which implies very good luck.

Wedding vases are actually used in Pueblo ceremonies, symbolizing the joining of two beings into one unit.

This modern and individual version is perky, and cheery, belying the skill, and many kinds of clay, involved.

The addition of hearts is a sweet, modern touch, and makes this wedding vase very special.

For a wedding, anniversary, or “just because” gift – even for yourself – this is a rare beauty.

With your purchase, we will include an account of the role of the wedding vase in a traditional Pueblo weddings, written by a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


5 5/8" H x 3 1/8" W x2 1/2" Deep