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Wedding Couple Storyteller


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A younger member of the prolific and gifted Fragua family of notable potters, she continues the family specialty of storyteller figures.

Bonnie likes to add contemporary elements to her work, like Santa Claus figures, or pregnant ladies, but this wonderful double figure is strictly traditional.

This piece represents a Pueblo couple on their wedding day.

Each one is all dressed up in their finest, all elements carefully and authentically depicted: blankets, shawls, white moccasins, etc.

True to Pueblo tradition, they have received the pottery wedding vase that was part of the ceremony.

With two separate spouts joined into one vessel, it symbolizes the joining of two separate individuals into one, new entity.

Each figure has been hand fashioned separately, too, of hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, -painted, and pit-fired clay.

All the colors are natural clay and clay slips

The wedding vase is a perfect miniature of a regular-sized one, and made the same, old-fashioned, way.

Viewed from the back, the groom has his arm around his bride, a touching gesture.

Each wear a matching blanket; his folded over his shoulder, hers, wrapped over her head and back.

The modeling and painting is precise and well-proportioned. Notice how their hair is beautifully textured, and his traditional bun is impeccable.

They are both singing of their happiness, and even leaning a bit into each other.

Two complete, separate figures – plus a piece of pottery – all for one price!

This is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, even for yourself.

A written description of a Pueblo wedding ceremony, and the role of the wedding vase, will be furnished with the sale of this sweetly charming work.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


7 1/2" H x 4 1/2" W x 6" deep