“We Wait for Buffalo”


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A renowned, award-winning painter, and outspoken advocate for Native causes, Yellowman often paints powerful, close-up portraits of warriors.

Here, he shows his mastery of all media, by portraying this Plains buffalo hunter in opaque watercolor.

Although Navajo himself, Bennie married a Kiowa, and frequently portrays figures from that culture.

The ornately clad figure is painted with his famously skilled detail: the shaggy pelt of the buffalo headdress and the texture of the horns; the feathers, the bear tooth necklace, the fingers, etc.

The colors glow like stained glass. Alert and ready, the figure holds his lance, watching for the buffalo herd.

As rich in color as in detail, this is both decorative and authentic.

Matted, and ready to frame; a dramatic and wonderfully ornamental painting.

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