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Wavy Water Cuff with Chrysoprase


Sterling cuff with polished, overlaid wavy sterling band; narrow band of background etched into overlapping circles, background lightly textured. Set with pointed green, natural chrysoprase stone in center.

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This award-winning jeweler is noted for marrying his well-known mastery of overlay technique to his noted skill in design, and use of fine stones.

Although this graceful bracelet is simpler in overlay than many of his pieces, simple is often more difficult to achieve; no room for incorporating mistakes into the design.

A highly polished band of rounded waves covers the center of the cuff, with a matching little band cut out at the bottom edge. In between, a narrow row of the background silver is lightly etched in overlapping circles (anyone who remembers practicing penmanship in grade school will recognize this design!).

This adds a touch of texture to all the smoothly gleaming silver. at the top, the background silver is very subtly textured, to show off the polished areas even more.

Front and center, a luminous, natural green chrysoprase stone is shaped into a rounded triangle, tapered to a point.

This lovely stone is known for its semi-translucent quality, even as it looks much like turquoise. The luminosity of the stone is also a metaphor for the water theme of the design.

Water is suggested by the wavy shape of the silver, the etched circles, like water or rain drops, and also the shimmer of the stone, which is like the surface of a pond.

A beautiful design, to be enjoyed for itself, as well as its meaning.

Beautiful in every way, including its execution, this is a bracelet of restrained, but obvious quality.

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Natural Chrysoprase, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6 1/2"

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size



7/8" wide, Stone is 7/8" wide x 1" long