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Wavy Turquoise Cuff


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Serpentine, sinuous, fluid as the tropical ocean reflected in the heavenly sea-green hues of the turquoise – this lovely bracelet brings a refreshing hint of sea breeze to all climates. Ophelia Garcia – a major, nationally recognized talent, and wife of painter/jeweler Ted Draper Jr. – creates pieces whose design, esthetics and execution are of the highest order. Here, the natural turquoise is formed into graduated trapezoids with clean, sharp edges. This is the sign of the exceptional quality of the stones, which are hard enough to cut into sharp corners. The stones are progressively smaller, forming little squares at the very ends. The inlay is big and bold, with the slightly raised stones set individually, without any metal separations. Scintillating silver, insets off the turquoise, which is exquisite: tender Caribbean-hued aquas, with delicate matrix patterns. Sparkling silver flows like a river, in a graceful double frame, and the subtly varied turquoise harmonizes with this watery allusion. Out on the high desert of Navajo lands, water is the ultimate good luck. Ergonomically formed for comfort, as well, and beautiful to behold, this bracelet is surprisingly accommodating to almost any other color. It will be worn and enjoyed – and complimented – often.

Sterling Silver, Natural Carico Lake Turquoise

Total Size: 6 7/8″ Cuff Size: 5 7/8″ Gap Size: 1″ Width: 1 1/4″