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Wavy-Edge Micaceous Bowl


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Daughter of famed sculptor Cliff Fragua, Tablita has opted to exercise her artistic gifts in pottery, rather than stone. This appealing bowl looks like a flower unfolding from a bud. It is entirely traditionally made, from gathering, mixing, coiling and smoothing the local red clays of Jemez, to covering the bowl with a slip of mica-rich clay, for sparkle. Painting rain, and other, signs in a plant-derived black pigment, and firing the piece in the ground, are other traditional techniques.On one side, the gentle glitter of the micaceous background is decorated with a floral design combined with stepped rain symbols. On the other side, a full-blown raincloud, rain, and plant motif is painted. The 3-leaf design implies that the rain will result in a bountiful harvest of crops. Therefore, happiness, good health and prosperity will follow. The interior of the bowl is decorated with wavy lines that form a sort of pinwheel, with a dotted red form at the center. This represents the growth of plants, germinating from a cluster of seeds. Graceful curves and traditional symbols have been combined by this gifted potter, resulting in a traditional bowl that is also modern, as well as charming.

Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slips and Pigment

Height: 2 1/4″ Diameter: 5 1/2″