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Waterways Cuff


Hollow, textured silver with rounded interior. Applied curving polished lines, for rivers, ending in spirals, with triangles and raised little circles on heavy textured background.

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One of the most esteemed jewelers in Native art, Duane Maktima has won over 200 awards in his career, and is honored for singular designs and meticulous workmanship, as well as his generous mentoring of younger artists. His work is collected all over the world.


Although he frequently inlays stones in gorgeous colors, this bracelet is all silver, and just as decorative. The construction is unusual; it is hollow, with a rounded interior, smooth, for comfort, and a flat exterior. Since it is hollow, it is lighter on the arm than it looks, with its overlaid surface design and textures. The exterior is charmingly decorative, almost Victorian in effect. The design is firmly Native in inspiration, though.


A gracefully curving line of glittering, polished silver is raised above the heavily textured surface, ending in a spiral at the center. Another, matching line flows from the other end of the cuff, and its spiral curls away from the other, at the center. These classic symbols of water – good luck in the high desert – are formed with creative elegance. Sprinkled among the various curves are small applied, raised triangles and circles, polished and glinting in the light.

With consummate execution, refined design and harmony between textures, this is a classic, timeless piece by a revered artist.

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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/8"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 1/2"


1/2" wide