Waterways Cuff with Kingman Turquoise



This remarkable artist, is already internationally renowned for his fine art Native flutes, and now, his handmade jewelry.

Although not part of Northern Plains culture, silver jewelry-making is part of his personal heritage, as he watched his grandmother create pieces in her studio.

Once a master of one art, that mastery transfers to another, as you can see in this sublimely precise and handsome bracelet.

Tim describes his jewelry as “Contemporary designs from a place of tradition”.

This cuff features a splendid, natural Kingman turquoise, with the coveted spider web matrix pattern coveted by collectors.

The stone is fabulous, and the extraordinary silver work matches that quality.

Not merely aligned in parallel order, the delicate filaments of polished silver flow gently in various curved directions. like the currents of a river, or stream.

The background silver is darkened, and subtly textured, to emphasize the glistening lines.

The surprise of subtly curving patterns gives the bracelet a special allure.

A collector’s dream of a stone, atop a serenely spectacular silver design, makes this bracelet totally stunning, in a tranquil way.

Contemporary, with traditional whispers, precise, masterful, and gorgeous, this cuff makes us, with smaller wrists, weep.

You fortunate connaisseurs with larger wrists – rejoice! This is an instant classic, for men, as well as women.

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