Watermelon Koshare



This artist has a talent that bridges two worlds: his exquisitely detailed kachinas are the heritage of his Hopi mother (see Kachinas/Hopi); his paintings are his Navajo father’s legacy.

(And if the name is familiar, yes, he is a relative of the late, great Navajo painter R.C. Gorman.)

This meticulously detailed painting of a Pueblo clown rewards the viewer with new discoveries at each viewing.

Koshares are clowns who burlesque inappropriate behavior, such as eating messily. Hard not to do that with watermelon!

Each detail of his ceremonial regalia is carefully depicted, in fine detail and vibrant color.

That droll expression is quite suitable to an ill-mannered clown.

The painting is both scrupulously realistic and a vivid, individual artistic rendering, at the same time.

Matted and framed in archival materials, it is ready to hang or place on a tabletop easel.

Thanks to the framing materials it will be safe from deterioration, to be enjoyed for a very long time.



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