Water Theme Olla

Marcus Homer


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A wonderful example of ancient traditions creatively interpreted, this olla has quintessential Zuni patterns at the bottom, and exhibits delightful artistic license at top.

The clay is hand collected and mixed; all the colors are natural, and it is traditionally formed by coiling and smoothing.

The usual Zuni characteristics of a deer with heartline, birds and flowers, morphs into an unexpected design of tadpoles and a frog, around the shoulder.

Above that, a rolled, Kolowisi, the Zuni water serpent coils his way around the neck of the piece.

Kolowisi has a furry ruff around his neck, yarn hair,and also wears turquoise and a natural coral necklace.

The rim seems to rise from within the pot, and represents the ancient ruins of Pueblo ancestors.

The theme is abundance, with hunting animals and water creatures, all assuring plenty to eat, and thus thriving humans.

A well-made, inventive representation of tribal lore, in the form of a remarkable, inventive, and fairly rare, Zuni pot.


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