Water Symbols Statement RIng


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Originally, a student of sports medicine, the inspiration to develop into an award-winning jeweler came from one of his brothers, the late, great jeweler, Myron Panteah.

Alex’s work reflects his tribal heritage, and this stunning ring displays traditional good-luck signs – but with a very modern impact.

Water is one of the greatest blessings of all, in the arid high desert of the Navajo land, and this beautifully composed design is a range of water symbols.

Each element was applied to the background of textured and slightly darkened, silver so they stand out – literally.

Glistening like water in sunlight, the wavy bands, the delicate spiral, and the dots of varied sizes are all ancient water symbols.

The two cross-like forms represent the four corners of the earth; it is hoped that the blessings of water -good health, abundant crops, and happiness – might extend over the whole earth.

Alex’s skill and design savvy don’t end at the front of the ring: there are delicate, wave-like spirals all over the polished back.

Even the shank is chiseled into lines that evoke rainfall, with more tiny wavelet curls, as well.

Wear this on your middle finger (or whichever you prefer) and make an elegant, stylish, modern/traditional statement.

It looks like a million, but we won’t tell the actual price.

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Sterling Silver

Ring Size

9 1/2


1 1/2" Square | Shank is 1/2" W