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Water Symbol Pendant


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One of the innovative, younger, award-winning jewelers who prefer to make individual, contemporary designs. So, even when he creates a pendant that incorporates strictly traditional symbols, the effect is novel. This attractive pendant is all about water – the best of luck for farmers without irrigation (like the Zuni and Hopi). The form of the top piece resembles a cloud, and the stepped designs at the bottom represent rain. Cut out of this rounded form are dragonflies, tadpoles following a frog, and a curlicue signifying water.Swinging freely at the bottom of the piece is the hand of blessing, also decorated with the spiral of water.The rounded top is actually a kind of clamshell-shaped bead; rounded on both sides, and with cut-out dragonflies and a water spiral on the reverse. An award-winning artist’s beautiful work for a surprisingly happy price.

Sterling Silver

Width: 2 1/2″ Height: 1/4″ Depth: 3/8″