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Water Spiral Dangles


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Designed with creativity, executed with finesse, and intriguingly different, these earrings are just what you expect from this jeweler.

Grandson of the late Ben and Felicita Eustace, and a son of award-winning jeweler Jolene Eustace, Eric inherited the right stuff.

His handsome style, however, is his very own.

These beautiful dangles, for instance, are inspired by traditional water signs, but are modern, decorative, and flawlessly fabricated.

Overlaid silver is textured, but polished. A sinuous, tapered design flows down, ending in a spiral, the ancient sign for water.

Dark  against the polished surface, this water symbol reveals the bottom layer of the silver, which is heavily textured, as well.

The graceful design is surrounded by tiny crosses, like stars. These represent the four geographic directions.

Water is a great blessing and good luck; the design says that blessing should extend to the four corners of the earth.

Not only a fascinating, flirty and flattering design, these lovely earrings are expressions of good fortune, too.

On the reverse, there is a surprise – the entire surface is decorated with a fine-line sunburst design, so there is no “wrong side” , as these dangles dance with you.

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Sterling Silver


2 5/8" L including wire x 5/8" W