“Water Song” Wall Sculpture


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A major award-winner for his paintings, this artist has a Master of Fine Arts degree, as well as recognition as an “Artist to Watch”, according to a national magazine.

He is equally at home in figural painting, abstraction – or, as here, working in a completely different medium.

Using a hand-cut piece of dead cottonwood as his canvas, he has painted a vibrant contemporary work that is sculpture, fetish and painting, all at once.

The abstract figure represents a Yei, Navajo spirit. The colorful bundle of parrot, pheasant, and guinea fowl feathers symbolizes carrying the prayers, encompassed in this contemporary work, right up to the heavens.

Water is the theme; the most precious resource in the high desert location of the Navajo land.

From the bottom, dragonflies seem to flit above a sun-dappled body of water.

Hands of blessing and protection figure prominently, in the center, with symbols of the four geographic directions interspersed.

The blessing of water is meant to spread to all four corners of the earth. The little circles that decorate the features of the abstract Yei are also drops of water.

Orange pigment symbolizes the sun, off-setting the watery symbols below and keeping nature in balance.

A creative mix of tradition and artistic interpretation, by a major artist. This will look wonderful on its own, or grouped with other works of art.

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Natural Parrot and Guinea Fowl, etc Feathers, Paint, Wood


17 1/4" L


3 1/2", 14" including feathers