Water Moccasin



According to a peer, his cartoons, regularly published in Santa Fe’s newspaper, always reflect “the irony native people feel and express in humor”.

The irony is, perhaps, that in his cartoon paintings, people are not really different, no matter their cultural background.

Ricardo Cate is a serious participant in his Pueblo culture and acclaimed as a Master cartoonist, filmmaker, artist, teacher, and stand-up comic.

His comedy is often rooted in intercultural concepts, but this punny painting is just plain fun!

Two native men are swimming, and one looks shocked.  Right next to him is a floating moccasin.  Behind him, his friend warns, “Careful!! – That’s a water moccasin!”.  The pun here is intended.

Always gentle, but on target, Ric’s paintings evoke laughter that comes from the viewer’s recognition of the human condition.

Funny, acutely observed, and visually charming, his work is a complete delight.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


10" W x 8" H