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“Water is Life” Earrings


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With seemingly boundless talent (she won first prizes in four, different categories – sculpture, painting, jewelry and clothing – all at the same time, at the same show: the prestigious Santa Fe Indian Market!) this multi-gifted artist  is also an ardent partisan for Mother Earth.

These dramatic earrings testify to her interest in marrying design and function with a message about her ecological concerns.

Water is, indeed, life, and especially precious in the high Plains of her birthright, and the high desert of her current, southwest home.

Fabricated from a sheet of sterling silver, the dangles are organically shaped, with curved edges that remind us of flowing water, as does the gently undulating form of the silver itself.

The surface is stamped all over with tiny circles, representing raindrops, curlicues, like watery drips, and some tiny lightning bolts.

The triangular tops are incised with jagged lightning shapes.

Within the raindrop design of the dangles, the artist has also stamped the words “WATER IS LIFE”, along with smaller words: “love” and heart shapes.

Lightweight on the ear, these earrings are nonetheless substantial, and make a glamorous statement, both visually,and literally, impactful.

Perfect for casual wear, and stunning, on the dance floor or concert venue, these earrings are beautiful in design, and in meaning.

PS There is a matching bracelet, elsewhere on our website.












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Sterling Silver


2 5/8" L x 1 3/8" W