“Water is Life” Cuff



A lady of exceptional talents, she won blue ribbons in painting, clothing, sculpture, and jewelry – all at the same Santa Fe Indian Market!

She passionately upholds the Native belief in nurturing and protecting Mother Earth, and her recent work reflects this.

At first glance, this glittering, glistening bracelet, with gaily flowing edges, is decorated all over with a dainty, embroidery-like design.

And it is very pretty on the wrist.

However, the delicate design is composed of a series of tiny circles on one edge, dancing squiggly waves on the other, and “Sacred Water is Life” stamped all around the center.

Intermingled with the  words are more circles – which mean drops of water – some hearts and small “love” words.

The very form of the bracelet, with its wavy edges, is a symbol of this precious resource.

Beautiful reminder, beautifully expressed, for ages to come.

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Sterling Silver


1 1/4" W