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Water Bird Seed Pot


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SIster of star potters Rebecca Lucario and Marilyn Ray, sister-in-law of Sharon Lewis, Carolyn also has her own stack of prize-ribbons. This contemporary seed pot is typical of her fine potting and painting.The incredibly flat form is made in two halves, like a bead. Keeping the hand-made clay from flopping in on itself takes experience and expertise; the decoration requires artistry, as well.The multi-hued design features traditional Acoma fine lines and prehistoric Mimbres motifs, arranged to the artist’s own taste. Other features of her creative skill are the fully sculpted tails of two fish, and the eye of the water bird.Water is a major theme, seen in the fine lines, which represent rain, as well as pond or river where the fish are swimming -suggested by the clear white area. Abundance, good health and happiness is another theme, linked to enough water, of course, but also to the successful hunting of the large bird. He looks happy because dinner is within reach, whereas the fish are rather apprehensive!All the richly saturated colors are natural, and the painting is as precise as the potting. This is a fine, eye-catching piece, whether propped up on a little easel, or admired flat, on a coffee table or low shelf.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 1 1/4″ Diameter: 3″