Water and Prayer Feather Earrings


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With Paul Saufkie (an originator of the ”Hopi Style” of jewelry) for a grandfather and the late Bernard Dawahoya for father-in-law, it seems destined that this trained plumber should morph into a fine jeweler!

Anderson grew up on the Hopi reservation and was incredibly talented at a very young age. He participated in the Hopi ceremonies and started carving Kachina dolls at the age of eight years old.

Making pieces as they were in the 1930s and 1940s is a difficult and time-consuming process, however, Anderson and wife Berna continue to hammer and curve their pieces by hand.

These earrings are no exception.  They are expertly shaped, and the Water and Prayer Feather symbols are carved by hand from the silver.

According to Anderson, “The Water design is for Happy Thoughts, and the Prayer Feathers are for your Personal Prayers.”

Lightweight and beautiful in their simplicity, these earrings will not only dress up your look, but they will also light up your soul with happy thoughts and prayers!

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Sterling Silver


1 7/8"