Watchband Enhancer


Sterling silver rounds, inlaid with jet and a raised, center Sunface of turquoise with one touch of red coral. Four silver prongs to attach to Apple watchband.

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Are you artsy and high-tech, too? Wright’s moves with the times, and we have just the thing for all the esthetic Apple-watch wearers out there: Handmade, inlaid watchband enhancers!

Handsomely designed and meticulously created by expert jeweler, Ola Eriacho, these little beauties have four prongs, to attach to the band of your smart watch – or any leather, rubber, or fabric band, as well, actually.

Sterling silver is the base for a circle of jet, separated by slim channels of silver. These look like the rays spreading out from the turquoise and coral Sunface that forms the raised center. Classic, striking, but understated, this pair will turn your resolutely industrial watchband into a unique, personal, artistic statement. (Good to look at, and good to identify, if lost, too.)

The perfect gift for your favorite techie -or yourself.

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3/4" diameter


Coral, Jet, Sterling Silver, Turquoise