Wasp Kachina Dancer



Another brilliantly colored miniature of a Hopi dancer, this one representing the Wasp kachina.

Not one of the more common kachinas, but there are many bird, animal and insect kachinas among the multitude of kachinas.

Depicted with the artist’s famous exactitude, this figure is exceptionally naturalistic and detailed.

From the bells on his legs, his knees, the turquoise necklace, the texture of his evergreen ruff, to the fingers gripping the bow, and the feathers that dangle from it, every bit of this figure is meticulously realistic and differentiated.

The vividly hued headdress is striped, and there are several pointy elements that indicate the wasp’s stinger.

A flower on the kilt indicates the pollinating role of the insect.Vibrant in color, painstaking in detail, this is a wonderful example of the artist’s gift – and a marvelous addition to you wall, table-top, shelf, mantel, or wherever you want to delight in it.

It is matted and framed archivally, ready to enjoy.



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Watercolor on Paper, Wood Frame


10" H x 9" W framed | 4" H x 3" W unframed