Vintage White Buffalo Dancer


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Creative individuals surround Andrew; his mother, Priscilla Namingha, and his Navajo wife, Ida Sahmie, as well as his first cousins Steve Lucas and Dan Namingha, are all major, award-winning artists.

Also, Andrew’s great-great grandmother was the historic Tewa/Hopi potter Nampeyo; even though self-taught, his genes assured an abundance of talent.

On his own, aside from his formidably gifted family, Andrew has established himself as a premier kachina carver.

This energetic White Buffalo dancer is caught in mid-step, shaking his rattle and flourishing his bow.

Every bit of his paraphernalia is authentic, and the masterful carving is evident in details such as the fingers (and fingernails!) that hold rattle and bow.

Natural pheasant feathers, fur, shells and buckskin add to the realistic style of this vintage kachina, as well as vibrant paint colors, yarn and meticulously rendered details on his kilt, arms, body, etc.

He seems to be dancing on the stony ground of the artist’s First Mesa home in Hopi land.

Realistic, and full of action, this is a wonderful example of a vintage style of kachina presentation, that is beautifully carved from dead cottonwood, as is traditional.








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