Vintage Watchband with Turquoise

Unknown Artist


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The rich green of the natural turquoise will match the envious eyes of admirers of this distinctive watch bracelet. With gorgeous, large natural stones, and substantial silver work, the piece has the appeal of an antique relic. You can visualize a king or knight of the middle ages wearing something like this. But, the provenance is more modern – it is one of our few remaining vintage pieces. Along with the archaic appeal, however, you will notice that the silver work is meticulously executed and elegantly designed. Along with the top-quality stones, this is, indeed, a cuff fit for a king. Four large, matched, natural cabochons of green Royston turquoise are encircled by a hand cut bezel, as well as a twisted silver rope surround. (These stones are probably worth more than the cost of the whole piece, at today’s prices.) A matching rope of twisted sterling edges the cuff on both sides. Nicely rounded domes of silver divide the stones from each other. Hand chiseling textures the background of the silver, while deep notches decorate toward each end. A fan of silver feathers camouflages each silver clamp that will anchor your watch. Take this unusually handsome cuff to a jeweler and pick out a watch that fits the center space; the jeweler will insert it for you. Or, take a watch you already own to a jeweler, and he will do the same. Either way, you will have a unique, splendid-looking watch of distinguished quality, for far less than those commercial Rolexes, etc.


Sterling Silver, Natural Royston Turquoise


Total Size: 7 1/4″ Cuff Size: 5 1/2″ Gap Size: 1 3/4″ Width: 1″