Vintage Turquoise Cluster Concho Belt

Dan Morgan


Vintage Dan Morgan concho belt with clusters of gorgeous natural turquoise in each round concho and the buckle. repousse and stamped silver work on each. Leather backs to conchos, with double copper keepers.

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Attention all traditionalists! Here is the finest, most striking concho belt we have seen in a long time, with a most impressive array of top-quality, natural turquoise (Kingman? Sleeping Beauty?). Signed by Dan Morgan, one of many Morgans who are, and have been, exceptional silversmiths, we think this dates from about 1970 (or even earlier) to about 1990.

The silver work is impeccable: the buckle has repousse elements that are also stamped; the repousse teardrops on each concho are smooth, even, and perfectly aligned. Each concho has a stamped circle of tiny arches all around the center medallion of stones. There are little domes of silver “hogans” interspersed between each stone and around the center of each concho, as well. Hand cut leather backs each silver concho, with double copper keepers, protecting clothes from any possibility of snags and holding the conchos steady.

The design of the belt is eye-catching and original, while still traditional. Then there is the turquoise! A gorgeous, luminous turquoise in color, each stone is good-sized and are all similar in size – roughly, about 3/8″ to 1/2″. There are 7 nuggets in each concho, and 13 in the buckle. Natural turquoise of this quality, color and quantity is a treasure indeed, nowadays. The stones are beautifully polished and smooth to the touch, but maintain their nuggety allure.

Meticulously fabricated by hand, the silver work is of the same high quality as the turquoise stones, and even the leather is carefully crafted to match. Exceptional workmanship, materials and execution is matched by the arresting and harmonious design. This is a belt the staff here all want to own, but it is meant for you.

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Leather, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


Buckle is 3 1/2" wide x 2 7/8" high, Conchos are 2 7/8" diameter


Leather Belt is currently 54" long and Customizable