Vintage Tohono O’odham Basket


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A typical shallow basket bowl by the Tohono o’odham people of Arizona, formerly known as the Papago.

It dates from the 1960’s, or possibly, even earlier.

In the arid desert, scarce water meant little pottery was possible, so they gathered dried grasses and other desert plants, to weave their storage containers, plates, and other necessities.

This typical, shallow basketry bowl is made of dyed and naturally hued yucca, with devil’s claw used for the dark accents.

Age has mellowed the elements a bit, but only enhanced its vintage appeal.

It can be displayed on a stand, hung on the wall, or used to receive mail, keys, pot-pourri, sage, or whatever.

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Dried Ycca Leaves | Devil's Claw


7 1/4" Diameter | 1 1/8" H