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Vintage Style Concho Belt


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One of the Custer family – the Navajo Custers! – famous for their sand cast and tufa cast jewelry, Gary has created a handsome, vintage style concho belt. He took the classic, openwork, “wagon wheel” design and embellished it with a beautiful, raised motif in the center of each concho, and the matching buckle.


Divided into four quarters, the design refers to the four corners of the earth. Outlined by a rounded oval, the dividing lines are straight horizontals and verticals, and the pillowed crescents form an open diamond shape in the center of each concho. The result is a very attractive, balanced counterpoint of curves and straight lines. This style goes way back, even to the origins of Navajo jewelry, when concho-like pieces were made to adorn hose tack, and gradually evolved into belts, etc for humans.


Each concho is secured by two silver bars,so they won’t slip and slide, but can be adjusted in spacing, as needed. The leather is deliberately long, so it can be cut to fit. This is a wonderful, traditional design that looks graphic and modern – the best of both worlds. Precise in execution and finish, this is a winner, for both men and women.

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Leather, Sterling Silver