Vintage Red and Black Stepped Bowl

Marie Coriz



What a deal! This is a marvelous piece of exemplary pottery-making, altogether traditional, and very handsome. A good size for display, too.

As the signature clearly shows, this bowl has some age, but was new when we purchased it, thirty-odd years ago, and is in fine condition.

It has finally emerged from dark corners to claim its share of the limelight – which it certainly deserves.

Terra cotta red is a warm hue, and the painted black decoration is a traditional, dramatic contrast.

Brewed wild spinach leaves create that black “paint”, so this pot is entirely natural.

The burnished finish is the result of patient stone-polishing, turning the flower-pot roughness of the naked clay into a satiny gloss.

The stepped design of the rim symbolizes rain, and the the other motifs are plant-like.

Rain and sun encourage plants and crops to grow, so this symbolizes good luck.

30 years makes a difference in value, but whatever the price was then, is still the price now, so reap the benefit.

Imagine this bowl on your table, or shelf, and try not to smirk when you think how clever you were to acquire this beauty.

Height: 4 1/4″ Diameter: 7″

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