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Vintage Oval Overlaid Dangles


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Until eye problems, and the theft of his tools effectively ended his career Bob Sekakuku was one of the finest traditional overlay jewelers from Hopi.

These glamorous earrings just came out of limbo, and are one of the very last of his pieces that we have (we think).

Striking in size and bold overlay, they are lighter than they look, thanks to the empty spaces in the design.

The flattering oval shape is overlaid with classic Hopi symbols of good luck: rain, water, storm and wind signs, and stylized feathers, at the bottom.

Feathers carry prayers up to the heavens; in this case for abundant water and rain, to nurture an abundant harvest.

A good harvest means healthy, happy, and prosperous people, so the design is not only decorative but meaningful.

The carefully composed design elements are precise and clear. Slightly convex, the earrings gleam in the light.

At the top, a small cabochon of black onyx adds a dark and glossy punctuation mark to the darkened silver background.

Meant to be noticed, these are uncommonly handsome earrings, from a highly reputed and collected artist, who is no longer working.

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Black Onyx, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x 1 3/8" W