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Vintage Oval Buckle with Turquoise


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A handsome, classic buckle that is gender-neutral, able to be enjoyed by men and women, alike.

The mark is plain to see, but we don’t remember who the artist was, nor can we find a matching hallmark.

Nevertheless, the buckle speaks for itself: beautifully proportioned, hand-stamped with a traditional feather design reaching out to the four corners of the world, and centered with a first-class, natural Kingman turquoise.

The lovely oval form is slightly convex, so the polished silver shines like a mirror.

The restrained stamp work shows up with discreet, but graceful, impact, while the brilliant blue turquoise seems to radiate light.

Timeless, made with skill and matching artistry, this buckle is a wonderful example of Navajo jewelry.

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Natural Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3" W x 2 1/2" H