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Vintage Man in the Maze Pin/Pendant


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This popular and iconic design was originally found in petroglyphs, and the baskets of the Tohono O’odham people of Arizona.

In jewelry, it is associated with the Hopi, although only certain clan members are permitted to use it.

The pattern shows a human about to start on the path of life, with all the turns and changes that will occur as he goes along.

This extremely handsome pin/pendant is definitely Hopi, but we have no clue about the artist.

There is no mark at all, which indicates it is probably at least 35-40 years old. Of course, it was new when we acquired it!

The design is sharply cut out and overlaid on the dark, textured background silver.

One reason for the popularity of this design is its strong graphic quality and surprisingly modern look, which belies its ancient origins.

Unusually, the silver is burnished, so the contrast with the black background is beautifully intensified.

A classic design, expertly fabricated by this unknown, but very skilled, artist.

Wear it as a pendant, pin it wherever you like; it is a striking piece, either way.

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2 1/2" Diameter


Sterling Silver