Vintage-Look Royston Cuff


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All the allure of an antique Navajo bracelet – with a splendid, large, natural Royston turquoise – but with contemporary finesse in the workmanship.

This accomplished jeweler enjoys creating his own interpretations of traditional styles. Here, elaborate silver work surrounds a fabulous stone, all working together to form a significant bracelet.

The fine natural turquoise, from Nevada’s Royston mine, exhibits its characteristic mellow green and toasty brown matrix in an imposingly large and graceful oval.

A chiseled border, resembling a twisted silver rope, frames the simple bezel and is in turn embraced by a semicircle of tiny silver domes on either side.

Two pairs of plump, curving, repousse elements flank the stone, with a little fluted half bead between each pair.

A fan of fluted, abstract feathers extends back from each gleaming pair of repousse squiggles (technical term).

Hand stamped designs, delicate as lace, surround the silver work on each side of the stone and continue toward the ends of the cuff.

The bracelet was fabricated in several parts: The cuff is formed in three bars that come together to form one solid cuff, toward the ends.

This was shaped and hand-stamped before the center elements were added.

Each pair of individually pushed out, sinuous curves, and chiseled fans, was completed separately.

That gorgeous, stone – a medley of greens, with a scattering of warm brown matrix – was cut,  polished, and set in the plain silver bezel; the “rope” frame and the little chiseled beads were fabricated and soldered on separately.

Finally, the whole center design, including the stone, was soldered onto the three-bar cuff, and the silver was lightly antiqued, to complement the vintage style.

Thanks to the open spaces between the three flat bars in the center, it is comfortable to wear, despite the rather majestic look of the bracelet.

Superior silverwork, matching the serenely imposing turquoise in quality.

With its beautiful, natural stone, and fine silverwork, this bracelet is a true artistic achievement.

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