Vintage Lighter with Turquoise

Unknown Artist


Vintage Bentley cigarette lighter, made in Austria, embellished with silver-mounted rosette of turquoise. Artist unknown; Zuni, probably.

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Here is a collector’s item: a vintage cigarette lighter (from the era when everyone smoked) embellished with a sterling silver plaque, decorated with a rosette of natural, hand-cut, turquoise. Marked “Bentley” and “made in Austria”, the lighter is a sleek art-deco-ish design in standard nickel silver. Like all our vintage pieces ( which are dwindling in number), it was new when we acquired it, and emerged from limbo when we did some housecleaning.

An unknown Zuni silversmith carefully made it very special by applying a sterling plaque, edged with little silver “hogan” domes, and set with beautifully cut natural turquoise teardrops. All this is hand fabricated, of course. The turquoise is a mellow, greenish blue.

This is a true collector’s piece, an historical relic of an earlier time in our history. However, with some lighter fluid and a new flint, it will most likely be operational, too.

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