Vintage Leaf Bolo

Unknown Artist


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This isn’t”retro”; it is an original! Every once in a while, we come across a survivor from our past, like this beauty. It would seem to date from the 1970’s.

As they say, cleaning house can provide surprises, and this is a very good one. The Navajo – or Pueblo? – artist who created this handsome bolo knew what he was about.

Outstanding, natural turquoise and rich red coral are hand cut, but left fairly organic in shape. The design seems to suggest a plant form, with a silver leaf at each side of the red coral stalk.

The lovely, ample teardrop form of the silver is darkened in the center, but polished at the rolled edges, and chiseled in four places, representing the four geographic directions.

Both the turquoise stones and the red coral are remarkable, both in their intensity of color and their shapes.

They are compatible with the shape of the silver, while forming an independent design. And there is a wonderful harmony and tranquillity to the design.

An oldie, and very, very goodie!


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