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Vintage Kachina Bolo


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“ELK” is the only mark on this wonderful vintage bolo, and we cannot trace the maker.

Too bad, because this is a creative, very well-made bolo with stupendous natural turquoise stones, and the jeweler deserves praise.

With excellent chisel work and hand stamping, this silver kachina figure might represent the Morning Singer, or perhaps, the artist’s imagination.

Whichever, it is beautifully composed of details, including: the sash, the moccasins, the hammered ruff, the multitude of rain signs on the forehead and torso, and the rattle and evergreen sprig in his hands.

The silver tablita is broad and graphic, but the stars of this fine bolo are the exceptional, natural, spider web turquoise stones.

Each one is an intense, teal blue, and may be from various mines, or one; we cannot be certain.

What is clear, is their beauty, size, and amount. (Nowadays, the stones alone are probably worth as much as the entire bolo – wholesale.)

Fascinating subject, meticulously executed, by hand (naturally), of a substantial gauge of silver, with fabulous stones.

This is a beautiful deal, in all ways.

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Leather, Natural Spiderweb Turquoise, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 4 1/2"" L x 2 5/8" W | Tips are 2 1/4" L | Corde is 38" L