Vintage Inlaid Kachina Necklace

Tony and Rita Edaakie


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Pieces by Tony and Rita Edaakie are rare collectors’ items, since the artists were acclaimed for their impeccable workmanship, and colorful traditional Zuni subject matter.

Tony passed away in 1989, but was renowned for producing some of the best Zuni inlay work of his time.

This vintage necklace is powerful, colorful, and flawless. It has a stamped, applied plaque on the reverse of the pendant, signed Tony-Rita, with Zuni, in smaller print, below.

The subject, featured in the pendant, is the Horned Antelope kachina, who appears in dances, sometimes accompanied by the wolf kachina. Antelope kachinas, like all herbivorous animal kachinas, make the rains come, and the grasses grow.

In addition to natural, and lovely, robustly inlaid stones, the complex silver work is characteristic of this highly reputed couple: decoratively stamped, silver, with stamped raindrops, twisted flattened wires and plain wires and wires that were carved.

The inlay work is both flat and raised, using coral, jet, melon shell, white clamshell, serpentine, and turquoise – all natural materials, and all hand cut.

Flanking the pendant, are two rows of clamshell and jet “eagle” feathers, curved beautifully to fit around your neck.

The feathers represent prayers rising up to the heavens, for the rains and crops the Horned kachina symbolizes.

They are remarkably regular, and bordered with a flattened silver rope border, that harmonizes with the pendant’s silver work.

The silver chain can be fastened in lengths from 16 inches to 22 inches, and anywhere in between.

This flexibility of length makes the necklace not only sensational in looks, but practical, too.

Stones of traditional colors (except, perhaps, the serpentine ruff) and the highest quality, are as brilliant and dramatic as the day this was made.

A signature design, perfectly executed, transcends the years, and is as splendid today, as decades ago.

Timeless and classic Zuni jewelry, by artists famous for their work.

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