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Vintage Hopi Cornstalk Pin/Pendant


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A marvelous find, waiting for the spotlight in one of our cupboards probably since well before 1980, judging by the price (which is original).

Unsigned, but unmistakably Hopi in fabrication and design, this pin/pendant is striking in its design, and totally traditional.

An angular cornstalk, complete with growing ears, is overlaid in the center.  Around the edge, it is bordered by graceful wave designs and rainclouds with falling rain.

Below, there is an unusual and fascinating design of Kokopelli, lying underground, and blowing the seeds that make the corn flourish.

The two little zig-zags at his right represent the power of the life-bringing seeds he is blowing.

On the bottom, the plain silver border is interrupted by a series of chiseled lobes, just under Kokopelli.

These represent stylized eagle feathers, the means of sending hopes and prayers up to the spirits in the heavens.

As this design so decoratively relates, the prayers are for enough rainfall to help Kokopelli create an abundant harvest.

The result would be good health, happiness, and prosperity.

That is a traditional Hopi wish; they are dry farmers who rely on rainwater for their high desert crops.

The message is lovely, and the design is rather spectacular, combining rounded curves, in the shape of the piece, and the spiky rendering of the cornstalk, along with the finely wrought detail in Kokopelli’s domain.

The artist deserves to be recognized, but that wasn’t the tradition in the mid-twentieth century, and earlier.

So, we can just marvel at his skill and artistic sense, and enjoy this wonderful, versatile pin/pendant.

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Sterling Silver


2 1/4" L x 1 3/4" W