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Vintage Hopi Coiled Pictorial Basket – AS IS

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Baskets are important to Hopi life, past and present. Ceremonies such as dances, rainmaking, and corn harvest, and rites of passage, are all occasions when baskets are used.

This older basket is coiled, a style attributed to the villages of Second Mesa on Hopi land: Mishongnovi, Shipaulovi, and Shongopavi. It shows an abstract version of a kachina. Shalako, perhaps.

Coiled baskets are considered sturdier, and harder to make than the wicker plaques which typically come from Third Mesa.

Kachina designs are especially coveted.

As in this large and handsome basket, the traditional colors are red, black and yellow, against the natural straw color of the dried yucca.

It is in excellent condition, although the colors have mellowed somewhat, on the front. The other side is more emphatic in hues.

The coils are tight and regular, and the design is well-thought-out and pleasingly symmetrical.

The striped effect of the colors on the outer borders are echoed in the kachina figure itself; notice the smaller black and white stripes around the “neck” and the narrower red and yellow striped headdress.

With a woven-in handle to hang it, it will look dramatic and graphic on the wall, or flat on a table, etc., or propped up in a table easel.

A  quietly dramatic work of traditional art that looks modern, in its graphic simplicity.

**NOTE** Unfortunately, the woven-in handle has been broken, and there is a place where the Yucca has broken as well.  Due to these imperfections, we have discounted this stunning piece by 25%.  It is not eligible for any other discounts or promotions and is sold as-is.  That being said, these imperfections do not detract in any way from the beauty of this basket, only its ability to be hung when displayed.

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Natural and Dyed Yucca


14" Diameter