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Vintage Feather Buckle with Stones and Bear Claw


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A splendid blast from the past: a beautifully executed and designed buckle, probably from the early 1970’s.

Our owner’s mantra is “unlike groceries, this art doesn’t spoil”; we buy it new, and sometimes a piece will get lost in our large inventory only to re-emerge years later.

And the wait is well worth it, especially for this remarkably fine buckle.

Set within the frame of a concho-style oval, is an intricate design of silver feathers, little spirals, domes, and ropes.

These embrace the gorgeous, natural Kingman(?) turquoise stones, and the deep, dark red natural coral branch, as well as a gracefully curved bear claw.

The outer edge of the buckle is cut into a stepped design that is slightly curved, to conform to the oval shape of the buckle.

This is a thoroughly traditional buckle, in design, workmanship, and symbolism.

Feathers carry prayers and hopes up to the heavens; spirals and dots represent water – a great need in the high desert; the coral represents the red rocks of the land, while the blue turquoise symbolizes sky, and water, too.

The bear claw is a sign of protection and power.

An exceptionally refined, yet strong and integrated design that matches the expertise of the workmanship.

His name may not be widely known, but Lambert Bruce’s buckle will sing his praises for this, and future, generations.


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Natural Bear CLaw, Natural Red Branch Coral, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/2" W X 3" H