Vintage Beaded Buckle



A dazzling, beautiful example of beadwork, in an eye-dazzler pattern.

This has some age, but we have no record of its origin, although it is probably southwestern.

Gorgeous vibrant colors are artfully composed with lovely areas of shading as if painting with beads.

The workmanship is as exemplary as the esthetic properties.

The symmetry of the bookmarked design is typical of Navajo sensibility, but the Zuni are also known for their beadwork.

Whatever its origin, this buckle is spectacularly fresh and radiant in its colors, and precise in its handwork.

Wear it, and/or display it on a stand, like a little painting. You will enjoy its bright and upbeat look, beautiful design, and excellent fabrication in any way you choose.

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Beads, Leather, Metal Base