“Victory Shield” Construction

Chris Thomas



An amazingly creative and meticulously executed piece by an amazingly gifted artist, who prematurely passed away several years ago.

Chris was  highly educated in theater arts, and transferred that interest and talent to creating unique works.

Like a stage, this construction has two views: the exterior “curtain”, is inspired by a traditional, painted, Plains Indian war shield.

On that round shield shape, it depicts four warriors in battle with each other, in a colorful, charming, ledger art style.

The top edge and sides are wrapped in black cloth with side streamers, in Plains style, adorned with painted wood feathers.

The frame is a painted wood box, with four sturdy legs. Like a ledger painting, it commemorates a battle victory – imagined, in this case.

The front shield opens like a book, or a curtain, to reveal the stage itself painted to look like leather, as is the entire background surface.

Against decorative yellow and blue triangular bands, painted to match the carved front legs, we see a trio of detailed miniature war shields.

Each one is different, and each one is scrupulously painted in delightful detail on leather, just like the real ones.

Natural feathers, painted to resemble eagle feathers, adorn each little shield.

Horses on one, a magisterial eagle on another, and bears on the third, the designs are charming, and depict authentic icons of power.

A third way to view this intriguing, creative and decorative piece, is to close only one-half of the “curtain” doors, allowing a tantalizing peek at just one shield.

It is happy to stand on a shelf or other surface, but is also ready to hang on a wall.

Imaginative, appealing, and utterly unlike any other work, this charming piece will fascinate you, and every onlooker.

We are sad that there are no more, but glad we rediscovered this special example of this special artist’s work, to share with you.

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